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By: Adriaan Louw, PT,M.App.Sc(physio),GCRM,CSMT

Dear Friend,

I need help from my PT friends. As you know, I am in the home stretch of my PhD on pain science and lumbar surgery. Our final phase is an RCT for people having decompressive back surgery (laminectomy/discectomy) for leg pain (radiculopathy and/or stenosis).  We are currently working with 8 national centers, but the process is slow. We need patients. Surgeons, although keen on the idea, have been slow to help….so we are turning our focus to PHYSICAL THERAPISTS!

Attached you will find a simple flyer. All I ask is for you/your organization to consider posting it in PT waiting rooms. I would hope PT will help with this neat study.

Our pilot data is impressive: Significant changes is pain, fear, SLR, forward flexion, pain knowledge after our educational session….Please help. I know WE – Physical Therapists can do this!!

If you have any questions, please let me know. Everyone knows someone having surgery. There are tens of thousands of back surgeries done in the US!!

Download .PDF


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  1. Thanks for the post. Feel free to drop by our site and have a read.
    As a heavy computer user you’ll probably find some of our information on back pain and posture useful.

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