Dr. Oz is still in Oz…

Dr. Oz disappoints us once again by promoting this garbage…No medical provider should EVER provide an intervention (medically, manually, behaviorally) without assessing an individual’s condition.  If chiropractors want to justify that spinal adjustments treat medical conditions, what is this individuals condition?  What if Dr. Oz instead gave her some pills, without a medical examination, and asked how they feel…Would the audience clap?

UPDATE (4/15/2012)

This didn’t happen just once.  Here is another video of this duo performing a manipulation on a morning show just a month earlier…again without any examination or assessment.  Does the ACA condone this behavior?


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  1. What a disgrace. This is why chiropractic and the sometimes evangelical chiropractors give us all a bad name. If I watched that and knew nothing of chiropractic or how the body and pain really worked I would be scared to move. What a ridiculous explanation of “alignment” and disc herniation. Unbelievable to see this spread of false information continues. The “pinched garden hose” model has long since fallen by the wayside and shame on the chiropractor for perpetuating that very false and outdated model. I can understand Dr. Oz not knowing this, he is a TV personality. Unfortunately there are still some schools that teach this.
    For the record, there are some great universities that do teach correct information about manipulation and pain and they use evidence based research to back up their teachings, like the school I attended, the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. Too bad that information didn’t make the Dr Oz show.

    While I am making such a long post I want to also state for the record that I think chiropractors should stop trying to limit the scope of practice for PTs in America. Embarrassing really that we would do that. The more talented clinicians that could manipulate to help people in acute pain the better. It might even help the spread of accurate information about manipulation to have smart, forward thinking PTs doing this. It may even force the chiropractic profession to bump up our standards a notch. Not a bad thing at all and we should all welcome that.

    Thank you for posting this.
    Suzanne D Lady, DC
    Portland, Oregon

    • Thanks for the great response Suzanne! Obviously, I am in agreement with you and it is unfortunate, and negligent, to perform any intervention without some form of examination and assessment. Unfortunately, we all have these bad eggs who get television time and then we must undo the misinformation that our patients present to our facilities with from shows like this. I wish more chiropractors practiced with your depth of reality and basic scientific reasoning.

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