Median Nerve Progression

I recently came across a video of a median nerve neurodynamic progression by Dr. Erson Religioso which is very similar to a progression I used regularly in my clinic for individuals who have a + median nerve tension test (often seen in individuals with cervical radiculopathy, lateral epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.)

I used these glides in addition to a cervicothoracic thrust for the treatment of a patient with bilateral carpal tunnel symptoms a year ago and it published as  a case study in Orthopedic Practice with Dr. Francois Prizinski. Check it out: brencecasestudy


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  1. Thanks for the share Joe! I had a similar case with B CTS like complaints, and used the same neurodynamic progression except I thrusted good ol’ T4. I’m sure we all know by now it may not have mattered which we chose, except clinically, the junctional areas seem to be more restricted than joints in the middle.

  2. Thanks for posting this Joe. Meant to comment on Dr. E’s blog.

    Oh by the way, Didn’t realize you had already wrote about Dr. Cook’s new study before a post was place on my blog. I typically don’t write double on a topic that one of top PT blogs already published.


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