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I recommend everyone checks out “Fatigue is an Emotion” by Todd Hargrove.  It introduces an argument by Tim Noakes, that “fatigue is a brain-derived emotion that regulates the exercise behavior to ensure the protection of whole body homeostasis”.  Doesn’t this make fatigue sound a little like pain? hmmm…


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  1. I’m a PT that was recently using some mirror therapy with a pt. with a ~3 year old hx of a right CVA. I had him exercise his non affected (right hand) only with visual focus in the mirror. No active motion was done in left hand. After ~5-7 minutes, he reported to me “It’s the damnedest (sp?) thing. My left hand is so tired that I have to stop.” He reported significant fatigue in a limb that he was not exercising directly. Obviously there are mirror neuron considerations, etc. with increased neural activity. I just thought at the time…How much of fatigue is neural based. Just a thought.

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