Free Webinar w/ Michael Shacklock FACP, MAppSc, DipPhysio

Click here to attend a FREE webinar w/ Michael Shacklock who is a world-renown lecturer, author and founder of the concept of NeuroDynamics in Physiotherapy.

This interactive Webinar is on Wednesday August 8th at 7pm EST and is sponsored by Hands-On Seminars.


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  1. With whole respect, I understand how the marketing works, being seen as a developer or founder of something really helps in selling process, but dude, your’e not inventing the wheel new. Mr. Shacklock as a founder of the concept of NeuroDynamics? And what about the whole work, publications and research done by David Butler?

  2. Damian,
    I appreciate you reading the blog. You can read more about Mr. Shacklock here: http://www.somasimple.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2629 . Mr. Shacklock was in practice w/ David Butler and Helen Slater in the late 1980’s when they conceptualized the concept of neurodynamics. Mr. Shacklock (as well as Butler) then performed a significant amount of research to identify how neurodynamics could be used in clinical practice. Mr. Shacklock and his teachings are not “new”. It just seems you aren’t as familiar w/ his name, as you are with Butler’s. Maybe its David’s lime green pants that make him more memorable?

  3. I look forward to the webinar and appreciate Shacklock’s input to our knowledge today.
    However I find the suggestion that it is simply Butler’s clothes that make him “more memorable” a pretty disrespectful and completely unnecessary comment. He has made a huge contribution to patient’s lives and our profession, and to attempt to devalue his input with this kind of suggestion is really unprofessional.

    • I am not quite sure how commenting on Dr. Butler’s pants is devaluing his contribution to our profession? Alot of the posts on this blog are based on things that he has done, and in support of the research and teachings of the noigroup. He’s simply a flashy guy and very memorable based on his bright clothing colors and enthusiasm for what he does. The comment was in no way to be disrespectful and in no way should detract from his contribution to neurodynamics, pain science and the biopsychosocial model of treatment.

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