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  1. I was actually on this course in London. Great testimonal and reminds me of a good 3 days. It also shows that centrally driven pain can be changed almost instantaeously if the patient can grasp the concepts being taught and believe in it (which is more down to our skilled communication rather than the intelligence of the patient). I would highly recommend Peter O’Sullivans course on chronic low back pain. I think his subclassification system is a great step forward and very importantly he is backing it up with rigorous research.

  2. Am I correct that O’Sullivan was able to achieve this outcome entirely through talk and movement? He seems to suggest that his intervention was effected by his ability to get the patient to MOVE his lower back in a variety of positions.

    Did he use modalities? Did he use massage or joint manipulation?

    If so so, then this video is an important educational tool to show physical therapists that one of the most important barriers to improving movement is the patient’s own beliefs.

    Even if he did use modalities to get the patient better the fact that he also changed the patient’s beliefs about movement is still an important outcome.

    Tim Richardson, PT

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