Know Pain or No Gain…


Check out a recent article that Chris Johnson and myself collaborated to write for Ironman.   Let us know what you think! 


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  1. I liked the article. I have a surgeon who’s coming in to see me for “cervical radiculopathy” which I think is more posture related. i shared the article with her because we had just discussed many of these same principles. I had to edit it to fit her symptoms, but I plan to use that for almost all of my patients.

  2. Thanks Joseph,
    Always good to see the pain science material getting out to people. The one thing I had a question about was #6 on the list (temperature sensitivity). It is my understanding (from “Explain Pain” through NOI) that peripheral nerves are sensitive to temperature and can be stimulated by the presence of cold. I am sure there is also a stress component to performance in adverse conditions, but couldn’t nocioceptive signals also be enhanced by the presence of cold rain?

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