The APTA Responds to the Dr. Oz Segment on Cutting Edge Treatments of LBP

Dr. Paul Rockar, President of the APTA,  issued a press release today regarding the recent segment in which a Physical Therapist discussed cutting edge solutions for LBP on the Dr. Oz show.  The statement is direct and I for one, applaud this effort.   See it for yourself:

February 5, 2013

Dear Producer:

APTA takes exception to the portrayal of ultrasound, Tiger Balm patches, and bumpy balls as “cutting-edge physical therapy treatments” for back pain in your recent segment “Cutting-Edge Solutions for Back Pain.”

While modalities may be used by physical therapists as part of an overall treatment plan, the focus of physical therapy treatment for back pain is on evidence-based exercises to improve strength and flexibility, manual therapy to improve the mobility of joints and soft tissues, and patient education on ways to enhance recovery, prevent and relieve pain, and avoid recurrence.  These avenues of care offer long-term solutions rather than temporary, intermittent relief.

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  1. I have a bit of a love hate thing with Dr. Oz. Yes, he is highlighting PT for being a useful resource, but he does so in gimmicky ways to attract the media attention. I also watched an episode once where he had a chiropractor on the show, pulled someone from the audience and did a gap manipulation on them without so much as a how-do-you-do. He sensationalizes the health sciences.

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