Virtual Patient

I am developing a virtual patient for a clinical decision making course I will be involved in this fall. I am still developing the case and was hoping to get a few practicing physical therapists to go through it. So if you get a chance follow this link and then click on the Jill Milkoswski-Clinicians link and try the case out.

I appreciate any feedback. Virtual patient


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  1. Adam, very cool. I didn’t know how to truly end the thing. What is a good score? I think there should be some more options for both tests and treatments.

  2. Erik,

    Thanks for trying it out. It ends in a few different ways. If you follow the treatment link the last page that comes up in the series has a “finish case and get report” (or something like that) that ends the case.

    When I went through the case down what I feel is the best path I got a 118. Part of having you and others do it is to see what a good score is.

    As of now the treatment options are minimal. I wanted to keep it pretty narrow for the students. However I would love to hear what other treatment options and tests you would recommend. Maybe even some ideas for unnecessary tests which could be used as distracters .

    • Adam,

      Maybe consider putting in some ‘Red Herrings,’ as these students will likely have been learning some less evidence based stuff in their clinicals. Empty can test, ultrasound, MFR, estim, posture eval and education, etc. Also maybe put in some evidence based stuff that leads away from the radiculopathy, like the test cluster for impingement. Maybe also some treatments like nerve sliding, traction (was that in there?), static or dynamic stretching, etc. Just some ideas.

  3. Thanks Erik great ideas. I will add most of those things in .Traction is in there. Mechanical traction was an option (which if you pick it, it gives feedback that it may not be the best idea to start with mechanical) and under cervical interventions you can do manual traction.

  4. I have to admit I got stuck in the assessment part and didn’t know where to go from there… A little hard to navigate at times. I really enjoyed doing it though (therapy nerd). But when I looked at my report I realized that there were sections I left blank… Unknowingly – I didn’t even get to them. I think part of the REFER BACK TO THE DOC. Anyways is a great virtual patient and I got a few laughs when I irritated her… Lol.. Don’t make it too funny or we will want to tick her off on purpose.

  5. I really enjoyed that. It felt like I was back in school again, but I now have much more experience on my side so it was a lot easier. I liked everything that was included, but like others I found it a bit difficult to navigate. Thanks for sharing this.

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