What is the biggest issue you face as a Physical Therapist?

As I stated in a recent post to APTA President Dr. Rockar, one of the biggest issues I face as a clinician in Pittsburgh, is the inability to accept a major regional insurance plan, UPMC (his response is here).

Here are a few questions I would like to pose to the readers of this site:


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  1. Reporting from NY state here: WC, NF and some private insurances are paying less than $40/visit with the max reimbursement (in-network) at $50/visit. Thus NY PTs are over-utilizing Medicare (top 3 in utilization IIRC)…most clinicians can see a patient for less than 40 mins and charge $90+ for MC, doubling their rate compared to other payors.

  2. One of the biggest issue I face in practicing my profession as a physical therapist is our tax which has been increased dramatically.

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