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Healthy, Wealthy and Smart Conference Starts Today!!!!

Make sure you register (for free) to watch the Healthy, Wealthy and Smart virtual PT conference which begins today!!!!!

Please join me as I present my talk: The M.I.P. Algorithm: A clinically applicable model to motor control

So come on over:

I’ll be there with 19 other experts in physical therapy, business, mindfulness, and nutrition covering topics that will have a major impact on your professional and personal life.

My colleague Karen Litzy, MS, PT decided to take some of the amazing guests she has had on her radio show Healthy Wealthy & Smart, and put them all under one roof.  Now is your chance to learn from some of the best in the business!

What: A one-time online gathering of 20 experts in physical therapy, business, mindfulness, and nutrition.

Who: Karen Litzy, MS, PT is joined by the following 20 experts:

Kelly Lynn Adams, C.P.C, ELI-MP

Dr. Laurence N. Benz, DPT, OCS, MBA

Dr. David Butler, PT, M.App Sc. EdD

Dr. Jarod Carter, DPT, CMT

Barrett Dorko, PT

Jerry Durham, PT

Lori Fields, LCSW

Sandy Hilton, PT, MS

Hillary Irwin, MS, RD

Diane Jacobs, PT

Sonja Keller

Dr. Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD, CSMT

Erica Meloe, P.T., OCS, C.O.M.T., M.B.A., M.A.

Dr. Francois Prizinski, DPT, OCS, DAC, COMT

Dr. Emilio “Louie” Puentedura PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, GDMT (Australia), CSMT

Dr. Michael M. Reinold, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CSCS



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  1. Joe! Hope all is well- where do I find the link to listen to healthy, wealthy, smart conference?
    Aisling Linehan, DPT

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