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APTA Seeks Member Input for Integrity in Practice Initiative

Today, the APTA has put out the following press release seeking member input for integrity in practice initiative.  Below, I have posted this message.  I think it is extremely important that we all provide valuable input to help advance our profession.  Please see and respond below…

“As one facet of its new Integrity in Practice initiative, APTA is exploring a partnership with the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation in its Choosing Wisely® campaign. As a partner in Choosing Wisely, APTA would join more than 50 medical specialty societies that provide specific evidence-based recommendations to encourage wise decisions about the most appropriate care.

APTA’s multifaceted Integrity in Practice initiative is an overarching campaign designed to position the profession as a leader and partner in the effort to eliminate fraud, abuse, and waste from health care and strengthen the good reputation of physical therapy in the health care system.

For consideration in Choosing Wisely, APTA must first create a list of “5 Things Physical Therapists and Patients Should Question.”

As a first step in list development, APTA is asking all members to submit items for consideration.

To be considered, submissions must be:

• Supported by generally accepted evidence

• Frequently done and/or carry significant cost

• Under your control as a physical therapist

Submit your items for “5 Things Physical Therapists and Patients Should Question” here:

Deadline for Submissions: April 4

Learn more about the Integrity in Practice initiative:

Thank you for your participation and your commitment to integrity in practice.”


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