Quality and Evidence-Based Consultation

Why would choose us?   We believe in the delivery of quality, evidence-based care to every patient.  But with the evolving nature of the literature, we understand the challenge that full-time clinicians face when trying to keep up.   We are here to improve your delivery of care.
What do we offer? We provide a unique and exhaustive method of clinical mentorship and consultation.  We will observe your clinicians in daily practice, review their documentation and provide solutions to enhance the care which is provided.    We will provide an individualized education session tailored to meet your clinic’s needs and assist you in determining a model which will set your clinic apart from your competition.
How it is done?  Once contracting with F.T.P.T, we will send each of your clinicians a survey and multiple choice test, so that we can gather data on each clinicians knowledge base.   Once arriving to your facility, we will observe two full days of patient care, as well as review clinical documentation.  At the end of day two, the consultant will sit down with the participating clinicians and ask them several questions about the cases seen that day.   On day three, the consultant will begin to work with the clinician on developing a plan tailored to improve their individual clinical practice.    On the last day (day five), the consultant will provide a power-point presentation to the staff on the information gained from the experience and the key points for clinical focus.  The consultant will then follow-up with the clinic after one month of implementation and discuss the overall experience.
If interested in this service, please use the contact form below or call Joseph Brence, DPT at 724-699-1874.
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