APTA Press Release on Preoperative Pain Neuroscience Education

As we continue to gain an understanding on how necessary pain neuroscience education is, a recent article by Louw et al. demonstrated the post-surgical savings, when a patients seeks an educational session with a Physical Therapist prior to getting Back Surgery.   This studies results were blasted throughout social media by the APTA’s consumer site, Move Forward PT. This information continues to show the value of physical therapists and how our scope of practice is broadening beyond the modalities.   We are educators.
Want to know how Dr. Louw, the author of this study educates?   Watch him by subscribing to MedBridge for $200 (deal ends today at 11:59pm)

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  • Appreciate that this information is being disseminated, thanks Joe.
    I do have 2 brief – unsolicited – thoughts:
    (1) more globally -Is this ready for ‘prime-time’? I am thinking about how the education was TNE and MANY therapists across the country are not yet ‘on board’ and consumers may not know how to shop for the best education pre-op. Would the APTA consider adding something to their text to make it more clear (i.e. Ask your therapist if they offer the same style of education featured in the study…or something of the like). Let’s be realistic – some of the links provided for consumers would still be eye-opening for some clinicians.
    (2) specific to the graphic used on the APTA site – would they consider using a picture that included less spine and more nervous system? I appreciate that the patient is having spinal surgery, but think that it would help for them to see something pictured that diverges from what they have already seen in the MD office, something that would lead them to think, “Hey, that looks like something new that I haven’t heard/learned about.”

    KeithP October 1, 2014 5:55 am Reply
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