The following is a letter from George Coggeshall, the president of the Mass chapter of the APTA. I originally saw this letter posted here and felt it was worth sharing. Kudos to our colleagues in Massachusetts who assisted those injured in this terrible attack.
Massachusetts Chapter Responds After Boston Marathon Incident
A team of 70 Massachusetts Chapter members, stationed at the Boston Marathon finish line on April 15 when tragedy struck, stepped in despite a chaotic scene to help injured people. These physical therapists and physical therapist students from local colleges and universities helped provide exceptional care for the critically injured. While there were no APTA members hurt in the blast, there are members whose family and loved ones were among the more than 170 injured people Massachusetts Chapter President George Coggeshall, PT, DPT, expressed sincere thanks to those who aided the victims and everyone who reached out to the Massachusetts Chapter. “Thank you for your many emails and calls expressing your concerns, caring, compassion and love,” Coggeshall said. “We will do our best to follow the footsteps of those chapters who have survived adversity and tragedy.” If your members are interested in helping people affected by this tragic event, or your component would like to make a contribution, Gov Patrick and Mayor Menino have announced the formation of The One Fund Boston.

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