Concussion Management

Here is a presentation by Amy DeBlois given at a recent NYPTA Central District Meeting.


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  • I am 5 months past my 5th concussion. This is one of the most helpful talks on the subject of post concussion syndrome I’ve found. At three months my doctor wanted me to see a psychiatrist because I admitted to still sitting in a stupor on my couch lethargic, poorly motivated, slightly agoraphobic….She wanted to put me on an anti-depressant. I was non compliant here because I was starting to observe improvements in both mood and motivation. One thing you did not mention, that I did not know, despite my medical background is that sometimes a decreasing heart rate can also be a sign of concussion. In the ER, my heart rate was actually 37. Exertion still creates abnormal responses although my systems finally seem to be normalizing. Before injury I played 1-2 rounds of golf a week and could go to work afterwards. I have finally been able to complete 9 holes without having to nap for hours afterwards. I still feel slow, stupid, and un-coordinated. Vision therapy exercises developed for ADHD kids help with focus issues, my writing style is still very disorganized, and I am able to walk the dog without exhaustion afterwards. I’m glad I have an unstructured work schedule, but work load has fallen due to still being uncomfortable with client phone interactions.

    Jeanine December 23, 2014 11:08 am Reply

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