One Tool I've Added to My Toolbox (I just cringe hearing myself saying this…)

As physical therapists, we have an arsenal of “tools” to utilize with our patients.   While I am not a huge fan of promoting “tools” (and suspect our outcomes are dependent on much more than that), I want to highlight a product that I have been using recently: the craniocradle.
I first learned about this nifty device at AAOMPT when they were one of the adjacent exhibitors to our booth.  Here is a video of Dr. Francois Prizinski showing it off (w/ me behind the camera).

Plain and simple: The craniocradle assists the modern manual therapist in gentle handling of their patients.  I suspect it simply provides the necessary interoceptive input necessary to chill out a sensitive nervous system and help your patients relax (its quite comfortable).
So, I’ve recently contacted the folks at craniocradle and they have agreed to give 10% to anyone who purchases the device and uses the promo code “NxtGen” at checkout.  Every PT clinic should have one of these.
I give this product 4.5 out of 5 stars (due to affordability, simplicity, comfort and versatility of use). 
-Joe B

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