Pain Education to Prevent Care Seeking for LBP

One of the most common reasons individuals seek outpatient Physical Therapy services is due to low back pain (LBP). Literature indicates the LBP affects 60-90% of the population with reoccurrence rates documented as high as 90%. The condition is often difficult to manage due to the inability to identify the causative agent for the pain. In the research community, the Holy Grail for approaching the treatment of low back pain is finding a successful way to intervene, before it even begins.
Preventative interventions for LBP continue to remain limited. Studies indicate that exercise is more effective than no activity but there haven’t been enough higher quality trials to indicate what type of exercise should be performed. Psychological education for LBP has also been supported with limited research, but to date, no studies have compared which intervention is more effective. Last month, several US researchers published a cluster randomized trial in BMC Medicine searching for that Holy Grail. And the authors may be traveling down the right path…
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Hear from the Principle Investigator, Dr. Steve George:

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