Patient Care Resources.

In a recent online conversation, a physical therapist expressed concern that the APTA didn’t provide them with the resources necessary for patient care.  What this PT didn’t realize, is the wealth of resources provided through the APTA’s website.  Take a look below at a sample of the resources they provide.

Patient Care

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  • I can recommend an osteopathic treatment, specially when the low back pain is caused by disc prolapse. There is a book which describes the large number of osteopathic techniques that can help on this problem: HVT, soft tissue techniques, muscle energy, functional techniques, Jones´ strain-counterstrain techniques, spray and stretch and myofascial release techniques. It can be rally helpful for physicians of physical therapy, practitioners, surgeons of the spinal column and to orthopedic surgeons, like rheumatologists. Take it a look here:

    Alan G. Smith May 17, 2016 5:46 am Reply

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