CPR for using Hip Mobilization for Knee Pain

  1. Pain with ipsilateral hip distraction
  2. Ipsilateral knee flexion PROM < 122 degrees
  3. Ipsilateral hip IR PROM < 17 degrees
  4. Pain or paresthesia in ipsilateral hip or groin
  5. Ipsilateral anterior thigh pain

2 or more predictors presents = 97% success
At least 1 predictor present = 92% success
0 predictors present = 68% success
Success = A decrease in pain rating by at least 3
Currier LL, Froehlich, Carow SD, et al. Developement of a clinical prediction rule to identify patients with knee pain and clinical evidence of knee osteoarthritis who demonstrate a favorable short-term reponse to hip mobilization. Physical Therapy; 87:1106-19.


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