CPR for LBP and Stabilization

CPR for success with stabilization:

  1. Positive prone instability test
  2. Aberrant movements present
  3. SLR > 91deg
  4. < 40 yrs old

All patients had non-radicular LBP
Exercises Used:

  • Transversus abdominus: Abdominal Bracing x 30 with 8s hold. Progress with bracing with heel slides–> leg lifts–> bridging–> standing –> standing row exercise–> walking
  • Erector Spinae/multifidus: Quadriped arm lifts with bracing–> leg lifts with bracing –> alternate
  • Quadratus lumborum: Side support with knees flexed –> extended
  • Oblique abdominals: Same as quadratus lumborum

Hicks GE, Fritz JM, Delitto A, McGill SM. Preliminary Developement of a CPR for Determining which Patients with LBP will respond to a Stabilization Exercise Program. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; 86:1753-62.


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