Lateral Epicondyalgia/itis

1. Cozen’s Test: The patient can be sitting or standing.  The patient has their elbow in full extension with a pronated forearm and radial deviation of the wrist. The examiner then palpates the lateral epicondyle with one hand, asks the patient to extend their wrist as the examiner applies manual resistance to resist.  A + test is reproductin of symptoms at the lateral epicondyle.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL-W5aeDsHI] 2. Mill’s Test: The patient is sitting as the clinician palpates the effected lateral epicondyle and uses their other hand to fully extend the patients elbow with the forearm pronated. The clinician then passively flexes and radially deviates the patients wrist.  A + test is reproduction of symptoms at the lateral epicondyle.
Despite these examinations being widely accepted for the diagnosis of lateral epicondyalgia, we were unable to locate research assessing the validity of these examinations.

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