Intraarticular Disorders (OA, Labral, etc)

Scour Test:
Purpose: The quadrant test is a test that can be used on the hip to assess structures in the inner and outer quadrant  of the hip.
Test: The patient is supine with their hip flexed and the clinician places one hand over the top of the patients knee.  The patients hip is flexed to 90 degrees and the hip is adducted until the pelvis begins to raise off of the table.  This exam tests the inner quadrant and compresses the intraartciular structures, insertion of the TFL, the iliopsoas, iliopsoas bursae, insertion of pectineus, adductor longus and femoral neck.
The second portion of the test can be done by flexing the hip to end range with adduction and adding a compression force at the knee joint along the axis of the femur.  The examiner then abducts the femur and assesses symptoms through the ROM.  Pain with this may be due to capsular problems or loss of joint cogruency.
Interpretation: This test does not give us any significantly useful information.  Due to the widerange of structures that can be stressed, its results should be interpreted with caution. No validity or reliability studies could be located for its diagnostic validity.
The American College of Rheumatology diagnosis of hip OA:
Purpose: To diagnose degerative/OA of the hip
Test: One of either cluster of + signs/symptoms
Cluster 1:

  1. Pain in the hip
  2. <115 degrees of hip flexion
  3. < 15 degrees of hip IR

Cluster 2:

  1. Pain with hip IR
  2. > 60 minutes of AM stiffness
  3. > 50 years old

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