Meniscus Injury

  1. Joint Line Tenderness: palpate the tibiofemoral joint line with the knee in: flexion to enhance the palpation of the anterior portion of the meniscus, internal tibial rotation to enhance the palpation of the medial edge of the meniscus and external rotation to palpate the lateral meniscus.  Sensitivty: 55-85%, Specificity: 29-67%.

2. McMurray Test: The patient is supine.  The foot on the tested side is then held by the examiner at the heel and he uses the forarm as a lever.  The knee is steadied with the examiners other hand and is flexed to 90 degrees.  The examiner then stabilizes the joint on the lateral aspect and provides a valgus stress. The hand on the heel then externally rotates the tibia  while extending the knee.  A + test is pain or a “click”. Sensativity: 29-37%. Specificity: 77-95%.


  • Here’s an additional test:
    ‘Ege’s test’ has higher sensitivity and specificity (provided the patient can tolerate the position).

    Jess Barsotti, DPT, ATC September 12, 2012 2:10 pm Reply

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