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PT Outside the Box Podcast explores the many options you have as a physical therapist to use your skills and really make a difference.

We’ve partnered with PT Outside the Box to bring you a special episode focusing on liability insurance. As a PT you’re constantly dealing with insurance in your practice and it’s important to have it on your mind for not only your clients, but yourself.

In the episode, learn about the important things you need to know as you search for the best professional liability coverage for you or your practice. As physical therapists, it can be easy to focus on your patients and forget we too carry a large target on our backs with regards to professional liability. It is so essential to carry the right amount of coverage so that you don’t get caught in the crosshairs of a lawsuit without the best coverage possible.

Listen to the podcast episode now!

In this episode of PT Outside the Box, Will Crane interviews Joe Fagan, a director at MyPTInsurance. They discuss what physical therapists need to know as they look for the best liability insurance coverage.

These are some of the important topics the episode touches upon:

  • The differences between professional liability and general liability insurance
  • Reasons PTs choose the insurance company that they do
  • Costs and benefits of some of the major plans that are available to physical therapists
  • Why student physical therapists may choose to carry additional liability insurance during their final year as a student
  • The importance of having the appropriate coverage to cover you for full-time or part-time work
  • Differences between occurrence-form and claims-made insurance and why this is important

You can read more about this at PT Outside the Box blog.

It’s also important to recognize that many insurance providers hit you with “gotchas” at the end of the enrollment process. Not all insurance is created equally, and it’s important to not just go with what is offered, but to really understand the policy you’re buying and make sure it’s the best fit for you.

Please enjoy this episode and happy listening!

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