Skeptical Note of the Day: Spinal Reshaping

I came across a technique called “spinal reshaping” a few days ago in Advance magazine. The clinicians highlighted appear to be measuring spinal shape through use of a pneumatic contour gauge/scanner and based off of that information, they claim to adjust the spine shape and vertical orientation which will decrease pain.
My thoughts: This is an outdated intervention based off of outdated mechanical theories. I recommend these clinicians read pain literature that has been published since 1990. Significant loads of literature have demonstrated that spinal shape is not causative for pain.

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  • Yeah, Joe, I saw that, too. The developer/patent-holder of the described apparatus that measures spine shape was featured in the article. What most disturbed me was that Mr. Halliday is the Clinic Director of the Missouri State University PT School faculty practice.
    I might understand how this method for treating LBP might make its way into private practice where less rigorous standards for evidence- and science-based practice are generally espoused, but for a clinic associated with a doctoral-level PT program to apply such outdated biomechanical principles for treating low back pain is inexcusable, in my opinion.
    I think Mr. Halliday should explain what scientific rationale he is using to promote this device and approach. And based on the comments at the Advance Magazine website, I’m not the only one.
    If we really want to be a respected doctoring profession, we need to hold each other accountable to what the means.

    John Ware, PT September 2, 2011 12:21 pm Reply

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