What are we doing right.

  • We are effective.  While some woo does still exist (and always will), we have consistent evidence published on our effectiveness in managing a wide-range of neuromusculoskeletal disorders.
  • We are cost-effective.  Physical Therapists are currently positioned very well in the changing climate of alternative payment models.  When people utilize our services first (even for a session of education), they end up spending less money on their episode of care.
  • We are evolving.  While there was some resistance by some individuals in the transition from MPT–>DPT, the result has led to improved direct access to care, imaging rights in Wisconsin and overall increased consumer confidence in our abilities.  While direct reimbursement may have not changed per degree, our access to patients has.
  • We are becoming more educated.  For PTs to be better recognized and accepted as front-line providers, our clinical mentorship had to improve.  We are seeing a much higher demand for post-graduate education than ever before, and I believe this will impact practice and outcomes.
  • We are talking.  There is constant chatter (good, thoughtful chatter) across social media platforms.   From the Doctor of Physical Therapy Facebook page to SomaSimple, PTs are talking with each other.  Challenging our own ideas and beliefs through discussion will make us better.
  • We are doing pertinent research.  While a wide range of quality of research supporting what we do exists, I believe CoHSTAR will have a tremendous impact on our profession.

We are all experiencing a very exciting time for the profession.   While the rapid changes in education, reimbursement and access may make some of us nervous, it will ultimately position us as the practitioner of choice for many patients.
What do you believe we are doing right?
-Joe B

One course that I have really enjoyed recently was “The Athletes Mind: Treatment Principles for Runners and Strength Training”.   For only $54.50 (you can get 50% off the introductory price of $109 by using promo PTEvolves at checkout by 5/29/2016), this is the best course out there for integrating modern pain science into athlete management.   You really should consider this as it is a direct demonstration of “what we are doing right…”

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  • The field is always growing and as the field grows we grow as well and become more educated and can provide better and more informed care to our patients.

    CardioFlex Therapy September 25, 2017 12:17 pm Reply

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