What I do.

What I do.
As a physical therapist, I prescribe movement.  I do this on a daily basis as I have the unique training to treat disease through something we all do…move.
Movement is free.  
It is expressive, individual and allows us to experience the human condition.
Dosage is quite simple and I encourage my patients to regulate this through the response of their nervous system.
I gave up on numbers a long time ago.   10 times.  20 times. 30 times.  It’s all arbitrary.
I also gave up on the word exercise.  Do my patients wish to exercise better?  Or move better?   I assist them in moving better…
Doctoris = to teach .  I use paper.  Sometime a whiteboard.  I work with my patients in an attempt to unscramble the message coming from their nervous system.   We discuss SIMs and DIMs.   We talk.
My approach is simple.  I listen to my patients and attempt to understand what they can’t do.  The dominant complaint is usually a limitation of movement because of pain or stiffness (thanks G.M).  I attempt to alter the pain or stiffness through the use of my words, hands, and demonstrations.   I create a within-session change.   I allow them to experience something different.  I give every patient the confidence that we can create change.
I am a minimalist.
What do you do?  

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