What I have learned about pain…

On another site, www.somasimple.com, I replied to the question below.  The question is uncited and is based on my molded beliefs as a professional.   I would appreciate any comments on this.
What people need to know that I have learned about pain (and therapy) is that…
“Pain is simply an output from the brain due to an actual or perceived tissue threat. It is dependent on a neural interpretation. It’s a descending output. It always involves the brain.
The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. “It” is self-aware. “It” knows what it is and knows what “it” does. The human brain has not only figured out how to study what it “does” but also how to quantify the results of “its” studies, and how to interpret the results.
The brain has also found ways to trick or mislead other brains. Individuals have come up with unproven theories on the origin of pain, within their brain, and have derived ways of teaching others to believe in these theories. So the brain can actually trick other brains into believing false-truths. The brain can be manipulated.
Pain can be manipulated through many techniques which alter expectations, perceptions, and emotions. This is why placebo and nocebo are sometimes effective. Just expecting a positive result, can cause a positive result. This is often forgotten.
Therapists and others who treat pain often ignore the brain. By understanding the complexity of the brains involvement in pain, I feel like I am nearing truth as a therapist. “

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