Writer’s Block

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Maintaining an active physical therapy blog takes time, energy, creativity and perspective on what is happening within the profession at any point in time.   Because of large time commitments to my clinical […]



I recently discovered that proposed Texas legislation, HB 1263, which would allow access to patients seeking treatment by physical therapists without a referral, was voted down by the House in Texas.  Currently Texas Law […]

Quicker and Sicker


I recently accepted a position on adjunct faculty at Duquesne University teaching a Differential Diagnosis course.  Within the text I am utilizing for the course, I came across the phrase “Quicker and Sicker“, to describe the […]

Too Many Variables…


I was recently reading through an online thread regarding the best management of complex regional pain syndrome.  In this thread, a bunch of students and clinicians gave their recommendations for the treatment of […]

Choose Wisely


In this month’s edition of JOSPT the APTA published their “Top Five Choosing Wisely” recommendations. Apparently, releasing a top 5 choosing wisely recommendation is a new trend with over 60 medical related […]



As Physical Therapists, we interact with our patients in many different ways.  We talk to our patients.  We touch our patients.  We teach our patients.  In doing this, we provide a significant amount […]


Puerto Rico - crowd

6,143 people visited ForwardThinkingPT yesterday.   This is the most people we have seen in a single day since launching the site a couple of years ago. To celebrate this, we would […]


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