Nxt Gen Institute of PT Welcomes Chris Johnson on as Director of Runner’s Management Certification

The Nxt Gen Institute of Physical Therapy, has the vision to move the Physical Therapy profession forward by influencing the culture of the Physical Therapy community with novel post-professional educational opportunities that result in physical therapists delivering distinguishably optimal Physical Therapy care and patient advocacy. To do this, they are in a continuous search for talent to help them achieve that vision. Today they announced Chris Johnson will be joining as in … Continue reading Nxt Gen Institute of PT Welcomes Chris Johnson on as Director of Runner’s Management Certification

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2-Day Sale on MedBridge—Our Last Sale of the Year!!!

We are offering a 2-day sale through December 6th, for an annual subscription to MedBridge for only $200!!! Get all of your CEUs for a ridiculously low price!  This is the last sale we will be offering this year! MedBridge believes education is the most powerful way to improve lives. MedBridge provides clinicians a comprehensive education platform to continue their education, engage patients, and improve outcomes … Continue reading 2-Day Sale on MedBridge—Our Last Sale of the Year!!!

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Consistency Matters…

Originally posted on jmichaelbowers:
As many within APTA are aware, last Friday several companies elected to end an employee benefit for professional development.  Leaders of these companies wrote letters to their employees announcing they would no longer pay employee dues to APTA or registration at APTA conferences and continuing education.  The reasons for this action, as stated in several letters, were essentially that APTA was… Continue reading Consistency Matters…

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I recently discovered that proposed Texas legislation, HB 1263, which would allow access to patients seeking treatment by physical therapists without a referral, was voted down by the House in Texas.  Currently Texas Law requires a referral from a physician, dentist, chiropractor, podiatrist, physician assistant or advanced nurse practitioners for a patient to see a physical therapist. While watching this, I saw the following image circulating social … Continue reading Texas

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Quicker and Sicker

I recently accepted a position on adjunct faculty at Duquesne University teaching a Differential Diagnosis course.  Within the text I am utilizing for the course, I came across the phrase “Quicker and Sicker“, to describe the current landscape of US healthcare (its actually not a new concept and has been around for around 25 years).  In a nutshell, this term indicates patients are being discharged from our hospitals more rapidly, making … Continue reading Quicker and Sicker

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Strictly Business Virtual Conference

I am happy to invite you to an online event that will bring together over 15 experts in physical therapy and business.  This virtual conference will serve as a guide to create and grow your physical therapy business. Please join me here: My colleague Dr. Karen Litzy, PT, DPT, MS is interviewing 15 amazing thought leaders and she’s putting all of those interviews together in … Continue reading Strictly Business Virtual Conference

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Help Us Repeal the Therapy Cap and Move Forward…

APTA is closer than ever before to gaining a permanent repeal of the therapy cap through an historic amendment led by Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) that could put an end to 18 years of temporary fixes, as part of the legislation being considered that also permanently repeals the sustainable growth rate (SGR). Contact your senators now…Ask them to first allow a vote on Cardin’s amendment, and … Continue reading Help Us Repeal the Therapy Cap and Move Forward…

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Low Back Pain: Management and Prevention Challenge

Hey guys, As many of your know, I hold a role within the APTA as an Editorial Board Member for .  In this role, I have had the opportunity to write, edit and manage some of the content that is being provided to the consumers of our care. My current project:   I am currently editing and updating the consumer book on LBP entitled, “Low … Continue reading Low Back Pain: Management and Prevention Challenge

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Temporomandibular Management Certification

At FTPT, we wanted to reach out and tell you about an awesome hybrid learning experience being provided by the Nxt Gen Institute.  The Temporomandibular Management Certification (Cert. TMM) is brought to you through a recent partnership with the Eclectic Approach and will present a modern manual therapy certification focusing on the evaluation and treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. Are you interested in learning more?  Fill out an online application … Continue reading Temporomandibular Management Certification

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Too Many Variables…

I was recently reading through an online thread regarding the best management of complex regional pain syndrome.  In this thread, a bunch of students and clinicians gave their recommendations for the treatment of this disorder.  While some of these recommendations had some evidence to support, many did not (note: a great full text on evidence behind the management of this disorder here).  One similarity I saw … Continue reading Too Many Variables…

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Perpetuating the Idea that Poor Posture Causes Pain…STOP IT!

Earlier today, a colleague sent me a link to an article in a Pittsburgh paper discussing how “Devices, Exercises Can Keep Technology From Being a Pain”.  Out of the gates, the author makes the claim, “After years of telling us to sit up straight and don’t slouch, mom’s advice has stood the test of time.”  I immediately did a #facepalm.   And I did this … Continue reading Perpetuating the Idea that Poor Posture Causes Pain…STOP IT!

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We’re Heading to San Diego for the Weekend—Save on MedBridge While We’re Gone

Hey guys, So Dr. Eric Kruger, as well as myself, will be presenting at the San Diego Pain Summit this weekend.  So while we are away, get a discounted subscription to MedBridge.   You must click on that link to the left to “Save” (or type FTPTfeb at checkout).   This deal will end when I fly back on Monday, February 23rd.   So take advantage … Continue reading We’re Heading to San Diego for the Weekend—Save on MedBridge While We’re Gone

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Thursday’s Review of CSM…

Today at CSM, one of our bloggers, Dr. Jimmy Picard, live blogged several talks from the conference at Here is a Synopsis: 1. Transforming and Optimizing: How to Live the New APTA Vision. A vision statement is defined as ” what defines the optimal desired future state – the mental picture – of what an organization wants to achieve over time; Provides guidance and inspiration … Continue reading Thursday’s Review of CSM…

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So I Wrote a Letter…

Note: This is a reblog from the blog “Keith’s Korner”.  As our patients turn towards media for health information, we must be cognizant of what they are learning and determine if what they are learning is best-evidenced.  We also need to hold our media counterparts accountable for the information they are sharing.   Now on to the post… Over the last few years, whenever I (or … Continue reading So I Wrote a Letter…

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One Tool I’ve Added to My Toolbox (I just cringe hearing myself saying this…)

As physical therapists, we have an arsenal of “tools” to utilize with our patients.   While I am not a huge fan of promoting “tools” (and suspect our outcomes are dependent on much more than that), I want to highlight a product that I have been using recently: the craniocradle. I first learned about this nifty device at AAOMPT when they were one of the … Continue reading One Tool I’ve Added to My Toolbox (I just cringe hearing myself saying this…)

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Nxt Gen will be sponsoring the San Diego Pain Summit

From Nxt Gen’s Website: At the Nxt Gen Institute of PT, we strongly believe in the future of the profession.   Because of this, we have become an official sponsor for the San Diego Pain Summit. This summit will take place on February 20-22nd in one of the most beautiful cities in the US, San Diego, and include the leaders in the fields of pain science … Continue reading Nxt Gen will be sponsoring the San Diego Pain Summit

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Choose Wisely

In this month’s edition of JOSPT the APTA published their “Top Five Choosing Wisely” recommendations. Apparently, releasing a top 5 choosing wisely recommendation is a new trend with over 60 medical related societies and 15 consumer related groups producing these lists. For example : American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Avoid performing routine post-operative deep vein thrombosis ultrasonography screening in patients who undergo elective hip or … Continue reading Choose Wisely



As Physical Therapists, we interact with our patients in many different ways.  We talk to our patients.  We touch our patients.  We teach our patients.  In doing this, we provide a significant amount of “input” to their individualized nervous systems. But despite many of us grasping this idea, I feel we are plagued by the “search for the holy grail“.  What I mean is we all want to have … Continue reading Input.

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MedBridge Sale Extended for the next 12 hours only!!! Ends 12/13/14 at 11:59pmE.

We are offering an annual subscription to MedBridge for $200!  This is the last time we will be offering this deal, this year, and the deal ends tonight at 11:59pm.   Get this deal now, learn and save some bucks!!! To redeem this offer, click here Continue reading MedBridge Sale Extended for the next 12 hours only!!! Ends 12/13/14 at 11:59pmE.

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Let’s Improve Clinical Education…

When I started blogging, my primary objective was to bring evidence and research to the practicing clinician.   This objective has evolved over the years, and at FTPT (as well as the Nxt Gen Institute), we are attempting to move the profession forward through advocacy, education and better practice. One attempt at doing this is improving the clinical education process.  As many of you know, there … Continue reading Let’s Improve Clinical Education…

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Pascal Dupuis Diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism

Pittsburgh, Penguin star, Pascal Dupuis has been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and will miss the next six months of the season.  This is the second PE for Dupuis, the first occurring while he was rehabilitating a torn ACL at the beginning of the year.  As physical therapists, we must always remember to medically screen for the potentially fatal disorder.  Here is the clinical prediction rule … Continue reading Pascal Dupuis Diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism

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Why Does _________ Hurt…

I was recently made aware of a youtube video by Thomas Myers (on soma simple).  In this video, Mr. Myers tackles the concept of pain, in a rather unique way.  This post is to provide insight on some of the topics discussed by Mr. Myers.  I would recommend you first watch his video, and read below: My Analysis (please note this is simply a critique of … Continue reading Why Does _________ Hurt…

Kaitlyn is a student and just won a portable manipulation table by Oakworks to refine her manual therapy skills... Sticky post

We’re Having a Great Time at AAOMPT…Check out some pics

Check out some pics of us hanging out at the 2014 AAOMPT Conference.  We will be posting some video soon but wanted to share some great people we are meeting with.  I posted a couple below, but see the rest, coverage is on “The Nxt Factor“.     AND FINALLY, THE WINNER OF AN AWESOME “OAKWORKS” PORTABLE MANIPULATION TABLE…(literally the best portable table on the … Continue reading We’re Having a Great Time at AAOMPT…Check out some pics

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Posture And The Shoulder

A few years ago I got into an interesting conversation with a colleague about the importance of static posture in patients with impingement syndrome (SIS). She was convinced that the literature showed that posture was an important factor in subjects with SIS and I had a different perspective. After this conversation I started doing some poking around in the literature. As I put more and … Continue reading Posture And The Shoulder

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Purchase MedBridge from FTPT, AND Treat the Pain

Ok.  So I was inspired by this video by one of my favorite filmmakers, Casey Neistat, and wanted to make a pledge. ForwardThinkingPT is a proud affiliate of MedBridge.  We occasionally offer deals for this great product, and in return, it helps power our site.   If you purchase MedBridge this month through ForwardThinkingPT, THIS LINK (YES, YOU MUST CLICK HERE OR THE LINK BELOW FOR US … Continue reading Purchase MedBridge from FTPT, AND Treat the Pain

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Frustrated with the integration of evidence into practice? Give it 17 years…

A study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine assessed the infamous 17 year time lag in the integration of research into practice. The researchers concluded that understanding lags first requires: 1. agreeing models, definitions and measures, which can be applied to practice. 2. Developing a process  by which to gather data to #1 While researchers assessed literature for this 17 year window, they cautioned readers this may … Continue reading Frustrated with the integration of evidence into practice? Give it 17 years…