Quicker and Sicker


I recently accepted a position on adjunct faculty at Duquesne University teaching a Differential Diagnosis course.  Within the text I am utilizing for the course, I came across the phrase “Quicker and Sicker“, to describe the […]

Too Many Variables…


I was recently reading through an online thread regarding the best management of complex regional pain syndrome.  In this thread, a bunch of students and clinicians gave their recommendations for the treatment of […]

Choose Wisely


In this month’s edition of JOSPT the APTA published their “Top Five Choosing Wisely” recommendations. Apparently, releasing a top 5 choosing wisely recommendation is a new trend with over 60 medical related […]



As Physical Therapists, we interact with our patients in many different ways.  We talk to our patients.  We touch our patients.  We teach our patients.  In doing this, we provide a significant amount […]


Puerto Rico - crowd

6,143 people visited ForwardThinkingPT yesterday.   This is the most people we have seen in a single day since launching the site a couple of years ago. To celebrate this, we would […]


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